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We will finalize a time we will call you on our onboarding call, we just want to understand what time works best. If  your time fluctuates we can accommodate these changes as well. This is your weekly strategy call to check in with your results and understand where your business is and what we are working on.

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Please choose an option as this helps us understand where you are today and provides us a reasonable way to calculate an attainable goal for you.

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Please note, that monthly revenue will be 2x your adspend at bare minimum. So if you only invest $1,000 in the beginning a month, you can expect $2,000 Revenue once we understand your market. You can get more than 100% but that depends upon your product you are selling.

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We will need you to sign up for a skype account if you are not located in the USA. We recc everyone to have a Skype account so we can do screen share calls with you.
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Please try to explain anything that can help us understand more about your business. Please be open and honest here.
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For any member your reccommend we will give you $100 off for1 month of your payment. Example, if you recc 2 people and they sign up , then you will get $200 off your next months payment. Please enter their name and email below.
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